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Welcome to our NCEA Accounting and Business Studies Achievement Standards courses

Our contact information can be found in our Trial Accounting Course. (sorry too many spam emails to post our address here)

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All Level 2 Standards 91174 2.1, 91175 2.2 and 91179 2.6 91176 2.3, 91177 1.4 and 91868 (Cash Flow Forecast AgriBusiness) all @ $8.00 per standard per student + gst.
Level 3 91406 3.3 $9.00 per standard per student + gst.

Our external NCEA Accounting revision courses are designed to consolidate learning, build confidence and ensure students have the knowledge they need to gain a good result in the external examinations.  Out internal standards are designed to teach the students the knowledge that they need to complete the internal assessments. We have lots of interactive activities that scaffold the learning for students.

Kia Kaha
eStudee Team